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Pray for a peaceful resolution in Gaza and for the dedicated
Al Ahli Hospital staff there.  Watch this video about their critical work. 

Please support them now.

April 2014
Samira loves camp.  She was in the play, made glitter pictures, played soccer and had fun for a week.  And she wants to go again.  For some Palestinian children, camp is the one bright spot in a long summer spent at home alone while parents work.  You can give that chance to a child in the Holy Land this summer. Read more...
A Blessed Eastertide

Purchase goods from Canaan Fair Trade and help support AFEDJ and Palestinian farm families!
Some believe that the situation in the Holy Land is hopeless.  But while many work for peace and justice, families need to eat tonight; children need to go to school tomorrow.

We can do something.  We can help in concrete,
important ways to educate and provide
compassionate healthcare now. 

  - Anne Lynn, President, AFEDJ

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Grace Church VA visits Nablus, Palestine - April 2013

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