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St. Nicholas Day 2013
AFEDJ invites you to support needy children in the Holy Land
by celebrating on/near December 6th
St. Nicholas Mite Boxes
Mite Boxes are an easy, visual way to collect support for children in the Holy Land, so order your St. Nick Mite Boxes in plenty of time for the holiday season!

Mite Boxes are available in any quantity for only $10 postage and packing.

To order, please contact Alison at adelavis@afedj.org or call
St. Nicholas, the original Santa Claus, is the Patron Saint of Needy Children.

Want to de-commercialize Christmas?
Celebrating St. Nicholas Day is a tangible way of connecting to the true spirit of the holidays by providing an educational, intergenerational, fun experience for your family and congregation!

We are grateful for your generous support and for all that you are doing to help these children and future generations living in the Holy Land.

Children are our hope for a peaceful, stable future in the Holy Land, and education is the key to providing these children with the tools and resources they need to grow and thrive.

The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem provides quality education grounded in Christian values.
Its doors are open to all children regardless of religious, ethnic, or economic background.
Resources: More Coming Soon!
Your support provides these children with fundamental services — access to education and healthcare — and hope for a stable future.

This site provides a variety of resources, ideas, free materials, and additional information to make your St. Nicholas event a success.St. Nicholas, the original Santa Claus.
Looking for Flat St. Nicholas inspiration?
Here are 11 creative examples from the AFEDJ Trustees!”

Download your template here!